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My name is Rajdeep and I'm a Full Stack Developer and an open source lover. 
Exploring the world of Web 3.0.

This is my digital garden, where I write about the things I'm working on and share what I've learned. 😊

New year, new tech:

  • Exploring the world of Web 3.0New
  • Learning how to scale Web/Mobile Apps.New
  • Diving deep in Backend Development.

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All you need is a One Unique Project! ⚡

17th April 2022

As I said in my post Yesterday Building a unique project can help you standout. 🔰

7th May 2022

There are lots of software which are free to use and in fact you can contribute to their code base, can modify their code to customize it for your own.

15th April 2022

A lot of you guys asked me what project you should build to make your resume standout. ✅

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