All you need to know about Open-Source! (A Brief) šŸ“Œ


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May 7, 2022

All you need to know about Open-Source! (A Brief) šŸ“ŒšŸš€

What is Open Source?

There are lots of software which are free to use and in fact you can contribute to their code base, can modify their code to customize it for your own.

Examples of Open Source Projects:

Actually we all have used open source software knowingly or unknowingly like VLC Media player almost every one used that and that's a open source project. Linus, Chromium these all are open source projects and there are millions more like this.

Why Contributing is important?

  • As a 1st and 2nd year student it will enhance your resume very much. Add big project on your resume.
  • You will get to work on real life projects from the comfort of your home.
  • Get the networking and connection from all around the world.
  • Can get Job, internship via your open source projects and connections and as well as experience.
  • Get to test your skills at real-life project. And increase your knowledge more and more.

Is there any Pre-requisites of Open-source?

You need to know any type of development like Web-development (I started with that.), Android development, IOS development, Cloud, blockchain and much more.

You need not to be a expert to contribute, you just need basic to intermediate knowledge to get started. Just learn on the go and that's it.

What is non-code Contributions?(Kubernetes)

How to find Open source projects that you can contribute in?

First of all find a Organisation to contribute in.

Lets See how you can find one.

  • Google summer of codes Website. (Good way to find projects not only for who want to do GSoC, its for everyone.).

ā†’ Go to Google Summer of codes Website.

ā†’ Then navigate to organizations and filter the organizations by categories like cloud, data and database etc.

ā†’ The best part is you can simply search about the technology you know. As an example lets take React. Just write React in the search bar and BOOM, you will find all the organisations who uses react. This is that simple.

ā†’ Now Search through organizations and see which you like the most. (Will talk that in a separate post How you can find the best organization for you.)

ā†’ Click on the Learn More.

ā†’ Then You will find all the information about that organization. Then navigate to View Idea List.

ā†’ You will find all the projects you can do there. Navigate through all the projects and accept a project according to your skill set.

  • Go to explore tab of GitHub, all other steps are same.
  • Cloud Native Incubating Foundation (CNCF). [There is also mentoring programme.]

What if You Get stuck?

No worries you will get mentors for each project.

  • First of all read the readme file and this will solve your most of the issues.
  • You have to join the mailing list for that which you will find on the project page.
  • There is also getter channel for many projects for instant communication.

How to send a good message when you get stuck on a project?

Will write

Now as you have find the projects, you have to know what are steps you have to take before solving the issue.

Must do before you Start solving any Open-source project.

  • First of all get it running on the local system.
  • Then use the software and find the issue take notes about where and when the issue is happening.

Open Source Programmes and Internships:

Microsoft Open Source Programme:

Stipend $10,000 (Research Programming Projects) About Machine Learning.

There are other programmes like LFX mentorship, MLH fellowship, GSoC, Google Summer of Doc s and etc.

So, this is it for this blog meet you in the next one.