How to Build a unique project to stand out in the Crowd? 🚀💥


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April 15, 2022

How to Build a unique project to stand out in the Crowd? 🚀💥

A lot of you guys asked me what project you should build to make your resume standout. ✅

Here is what you need to do⚡

The simple answer is build unique projects, don't just build projects watching a youtube video or any tutorial.☠️

But first understand why You should build a unique project? 🔥

  1. Building a unique project will test your skills on how you figure out stuff and build something that is not already made . ✅

  2. You will gain a lot of confidence after building the project. 📌

  3. You will know how to solve error and bug on your own.

  4. Your resume will stand out among thousands of resumes. 🚀

  5. Have a upper edge in any interview. 💥

There a many more reasons why you should build a unique project.

But now let's see how you can build a one! 🏆

  1. Find a problem you face. This maybe a very small problem. 🙌

  2. Treat it like you are building a start-up with that idea.🤞

  3. Do research and see what could be it's best solution.

  4. Use a tool like Figma or Adobe XD and build a beautiful UI. Building your own UI is really important . With this you will learn how to convert a design to a actual web page.✅

  5. Take care of the UX, user flow and all if you don't know what this things are just google it. 💥

  6. Start building your project and remember if a feature seems to be impossible don't leave it. Treat it like a start-up and you will hustle through it.

  7. After everything Deploy it. ⚡

Now at the end you can use this project to take part in various hackathons and you are ready to win prizes and make your resume stand out.

Tomorrow, I will share my story how Booklee (My unique project) helped me stand out.🚀✅

Till then start finding that idea and build it.🚀