Why building Projects is far better than watching Tutorial?


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March 2, 2022

Why building Projects is far better than watching Tutorial?

What is the best way to learn Web-development?

The simple answer is building awesome projects!

“Building is about getting around the obstacles that are presented to you.” – Jeremy Renner.

So, lets understand why?

Ok let me break this in parts.

What a Tutorial offer you?

➡️ In a tutorial of Web development or any other coding domain a person comes and tells you about a concept and also show you the way how to approach problems with that new concept.

And also they will tell you about the pit holes one could face.😵

but isn't that supposed to be great?

The answer is no until and unless you fall in a pit hole and fix that by surfing google, stack-overflow, GitHub, official documentation or any other blog, it's not going to help you. The time you will spend in searching the solution of the error you are facing, you will learn a lot of new things you can't even imagine.

Let's see what a project offers you then?

  1. A project teaches you how to get the job done.
  2. It teaches you what to do when you fall into a pit hole. You will learn to get out of them. Where in tutorial you don't get to learn that.
  3. Unlike a tutorial, a project, most of the time forces you to go and read the documentation to solve a problem required specially for that particular project.
  4. Every project is different and need better understanding of tech stack to solve them.
  5. Most importantly, a project teaches you how to deal with real life problems.
  6. You will see new perspectives of same problem.
  7. In the search you will learn new things besides the solution of your error.
  8. Your googling skill will improve a lot. (And it is one of the most important skill for a developer)

In real life scenario of a job or anything one will be solving a real-life problem . You will get the understanding how things really work under the hood only by projects not by any tutorial.


Build projects as much as you can and don't always go with the stack you know well. First think of a project and then decide the stack which will be best suitable to build the project.

** And never ever be afraid to try new stack you don't know. **